Innovation Management

ISO 56002 Innovation Management

We provide the full range of service towards helping you benefit from implementing the new ISO 56002 innovation management standard.

Towards building a culture of innovation

We help your organization assess and identify areas for improvement 

Innovation Programs

Our innovation program provides a wide range of services to help organizations to identify new business opportunities, develop a plan to pursue them, and support the implementation of the plan


Agile Portfolio Management


There is a lot of pressure on organizations nowadays to come up with innovative ways to grow and contribute to society; a need for new way of thinking to come up with innovative strategies, introduce new products and services, enhance management systems by utilizing an agile approach of understanding the needs of customers and society.

Businesses with the balanced mix of risk-taking and change-aware culture will have the opportunity to 


  • Innovation is embraced and concepts are treated as valuable assets that are evaluated based on agreed criterions for viability.
  • Portfolios are aligned with the strategy and assessed regularly.
  • Ensures stakeholders awareness of progress, risks and changes in a transparent way.
  • Standardizes the  PMO activities from concept to benefit realization.
  • Enhances the skills of managing projects in the organization.
  • Increases the success rates of implementing programs/projects.
  • Enhances “Time to Market” for products and services.
  • Prepares the organization to better adapt with changes.
  • Minimize exposure to risks.

Project Lifecycle Management

Businesses need a robust and agile PMO Strategy to deliver successful outcomes in a governed way carried by skilled staff.