About Us

We are passionate about innovation

Innovation is a critical factor for business success, but turning ideas into tangible and valuable solutions that meet customer needs can often be a challenging and complex process. Many organizations struggle to identify and prioritize the right problems to solve, create and validate solutions that meet the needs of their customers, and bring those solutions to market in a timely and efficient manner. This is where Nextidea comes in.

Nextidea offers a unique approach to business innovation management with its InnoVision and NexStep frameworks. InnoVision encompasses three interconnected systems that work together to provide a comprehensive approach to innovation, while NexStep guides organizations through the four stages of value creation: Value Discovery, Value Definition, Value Design, and Value Delivery.

The structured and agile approach of NexStep, combined with the tools used in each stage of value creation, helps organizations overcome common innovation challenges and achieve their goals. By leveraging the power of InnoVision and NexStep, organizations can better understand their customers’ needs, create solutions that are both technically and commercially viable, and bring those solutions to market with confidence.

So if you are an organization looking to streamline your innovation process and bring your ideas to market more effectively, Nextidea is here to help. Our innovative delivery frameworks and tools are designed to help you overcome the challenges of innovation and achieve success in a competitive business landscape.